Coming Soon—Utica Shale Play

By On October 11, 2011 4:04 pm

Despite all the attention given to the Marcellus shale, there’s another, deeper rock layer in New York that is an intriguing mystery — bigger but economically an unknown.

It’s the Utica shale: a layer of rock thousands of feet deeper than the Marcellus and less well-studied. It covers a greater footprint of Central New York and might be an attractive target to drillers in areas that where the Marcellus doesn’t exist or is too shallow to hold any natural gas.

“They say they’ll never touch the Marcellus shale in Tully, and they’re right,” said town Supervisor Bill Lund. “It’s given people a sense of false security. The Utica shale could really be an impact for our areas that aren’t affected by the Marcellus shale.”

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