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Why I Remain a Global-Warming Skeptic

By On November 5, 2011 8:36 am

Mr. Muller has been brutally frank about the poor quality of the weather-station data, noting that 70% of U.S. stations involve uncertainties of between two and five degrees Celsius. One could interpret the Berkeley study’s results as confirmation of earlier studies and of the IPCC’s conclusions, despite the poor quality of the stations used. But perhaps the issue is that the Berkeley study and the ones that came before suffer from common errors. I suspect that the temperature records still are affected by the urban heat-island effect—a term given to any local warming, whatever its cause—despite efforts to correct for this. The urban heat-island effect could include heat produced not only in urban areas, but also due to changes in land use or poor station siting. Therefore, I suggest additional tests:

Who is Mr. Muller?  What is the Berkley Study?  Who does the the author of this article remain a global warming skeptic?

Read the article, “Why I Remain a Global-Warming Skeptic” by Fred Singer, Wall Streeet Journal.