The Attorneys of Davis Law Group: David Fox

By On December 18, 2014 4:02 pm

By: Kristie Kubovic, Director of Communications, Shale Media Group
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Cara-Davis-Law-Group_logo2David Fox is an Attorney at Law at Davis Law Group, a boutique law firm for the shale oil and gas industry. About 75% of the work that Davis Law Group does is title work, while the other 25% is comprised of shale oil and gas related legal matters that include original title opinions, supplemental title opinions, division order title opinions, preparations of curative title documents, and shale oil and gas litigation.

Admitted to practice law in both the State of Ohio and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Fox joined Davis Law Group (formerly known as The Law Offices of Cara C. Davis) in January 2014 and has performed work for the Utica and Marcellus Shale basins, principally engaging in shale oil and gas law, providing due diligence and base title examinations, curative reports, and certified title opinions.

fox1Fox grew up in a small town just southeast of Youngstown, Ohio about seven miles west of the Pennsylvania/Ohio state line. He attended Carnegie Mellon University, where he was a member of the university’s football team and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering. Afterwards, Fox earned a Juris Doctor from the University of Toledo, College of Law, where he graduated magna cum laude and served as Assistant Executive Editor of Law Review.

fox2Having always been interested in property law, Fox says, “The shale oil and gas industry presented a good opportunity for new law school graduates in a time when jobs were relatively scarce.” Also, for Fox, “the shale boom in eastern Ohio and western Pennsylvania presented an opportunity to stay relatively close to home.”

Previously Fox did abstracting/title examination as an independent contractor. He was affiliated with different brokers, such as Purple Land Management, and worked with two small firms in certifying title for shale oil and gas. Davis Law Group presented an opportunity for Fox to come in-house and do the work, as opposed to his previous jobs, which were more mobile.

“I find the work to be quite interesting,” expressed Fox, who is a member of the Mahoning County Bar Association, Trumbull County Bar Association, Ohio State Bar Association, American Association of Professional Landmen (AAPL), and Young Professionals in Energy (YPE).

With the help of Fox and all of the attorneys at Davis Law Group, the firm has become the authority on shale oil and gas law. This year, they won the Northeast Oil & Gas Awards’ Law Firm of the Year award. Davis Law Group is located at 4313 State Route 51 North, Belle Vernon, PA 15012. To contact Davis Law Group, call 724.243.5005 or email

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