Giving Back: The Second Annual MAC Safety Bowl

By On December 29, 2014 2:38 pm

By: Adam Larson, Staff Writer, Shale Media Group
Edited By: Mindy Gattner, Editor, Shale Media Group
Photos Provided By: Shale Media Group

Sitting on the bank of the Ohio River, along the I-376 Beaver Valley Expressway, Shell’s property of the proposed ethane cracker plant rests. On Sunday, December 20th, 2014, zooming past the site of a metal storage barn, a pair of smokestacks, and remnants of several old zinc production buildings, southwestern Pennsylvania community members were on their way to the second annual MAC Bowl, a charity-tailored flag football game hosted by MAC Safety Consultants, Inc., a full-service safety company that provides a wide array of cost effective safety solutions.

Held at Blackhawk High School in Beaver Falls, PA, the flag football game was at the heart of the shale oil and gas industry as the Tri-State area gears up for the possible Shell petrochemical plant to revolutionize western Pennsylvania into the chemical capital of the East. Proud sponsors of the MAC Bowl included: Legacies Alive, Rice Energy, Shale Media Group, PointFreedom Business Group, Three Rivers Clothing, Sparq Designs, and 21st Century Energy Group.

The MAC Bowl gathered over 20 employees of MAC Safety and was designed custom-fit to benefit Legacies Alive, a nonprofit organization with headquarters in Washington, PA. Founded by friends, Mike Viti and Mark Faldowski, Legacies Alive is dedicated to honoring the legacy of every service member who has been killed in action during the Global War on Terror (GWOT). Their 2014 Legacy Challenge was Mike’s Hiking For Heroes, where Viti hiked over 7,100 kilometers around the United States, honoring Gold Star families. “Today may seem far from the hike, but it’s a great place to continue on with our mission,” said Viti at the beginning of the MAC Bowl. “It’s a journey, not a destination. We are going to continue supporting Gold Star families. To date there are 6,843 families who have lost a loved one.” Viti reiterated that their 2015 Legacy Challenge entails a Navy SEAL swimming the length of the Mississippi River.

An expression of honor washed across Chris Miranda, President and Founder, MAC Safety Consultants, Inc., when he got word that Legacies Alive was going to participate at the MAC Bowl. Miranda conveyed, “When we got word that not only did Mike and Mark wanted to attend the game, they actually wanted to play, we knew this event was going to be special. I believe this was our start here at MAC of a philosophy change where we create long-term working relationships, instead of short-term business opportunities.”

MAC Safety presents a $5,000 check to Legacies Alive

Kicking off the MAC Bowl, Kevin Miranda, Brand Marketing Manager, MAC Safety Consultants, Inc., and the entire MAC Safety team presented Legacies Alive with custom-made Air Jordan shoes, as Viti used over seven pairs of shoes during his trek across the United States. In addition, Miranda presented a $5,000 check made out to Legacies Alive. Also giving back during the holiday season was the Beaver County community, raising in total over $7,000 for Legacies Alive.

Legacies Alive Co-Founder Mark Faldowski stated that with MAC Safety’s financial backing the non-profit could continue on with their mission of supporting Gold Star families. “Growing up in western Pennsylvania, my Pennsylvania roots have always carried with me. Living in three different states, being overseas, and walking around the country, coming back to this area is an exciting time,” noted Faldowski. “It means a lot to Mike and I that MAC Safety organized this on their own accord. We can’t wait to take that money and directly support Gold Star families by building memorials for men and women that were killed during the Global War on Terror.”

Kevin Miranda echoed a similar thought about Pennsylvanians and Beaver County community members, expressing, “The support we received from the community was overwhelming with people from all around Beaver County supporting the cause and even people from outside Beaver County, including Pittsburgh Steeler Ross Ventrone and Drop Kick Murphy’s lead singer Ken Casey. We here at MAC all feel it is not only our responsibility, but also our duty to educate our people and shed the positive light that the oil and gas industry can and will provide to this area for years to come.”

With donations underway and the community supporting the cause full-fledged, the flag football game began at approximately 9am. The red and blue team took the field and both were ready to clash in a battle for bragging rights. Throughout most of the game, the red team was the obvious powerhouse, dominating each drive with touchdowns. Fighting back was the blue team, scratching and clawing to keep score with the red team. The final score of the game put the red team on top, 55-45.

Red team in action against the blue team in the MAC Bowl

A dominant force of the red team was Jake Delmonico, a part-time employee working at MAC Safety in their venue safety department and also a full-time Chippewa Township police officer. Delmonico is a former All-State local product from Blackhawk High School and earned a Division 1 scholarship from Akron University. Delmonico stated, “The MAC Bowl is my Super Bowl, to be surrounded by my closest friends and family being able to play the game I love – it does not get any better than that. I am proud and honored to be called the MVP – however I think we all know who the real MVP’s of the MAC Bowl were – Mike and Mark.”

MAC Safety is looking forward to continuing the MAC Bowl legacy and tradition of giving back during the holiday season. After a hard-fought football game, MAC Safety, community members, and Legacies Alive gathered around and enjoyed hot coffee, pizza, donuts, and homemade chicken soup. For more information about MAC Safety, please click here. For more information about Legacies Alive and their mission, please click here.

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