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Florida’s First LNG Plant Proposed for Brevard

By On January 11, 2015 10:55 pm

Florida Today

Florida East Coast Industries wants to build a $250 million liquefied natural gas production and distribution plant on undeveloped land it owns west of U.S. 1 in Titusville — a project the company says would be the first of its kind in Florida.

Company officials say the plant would offer the region a supply of clean-burning fuel; create construction and permanent jobs; spur spinoff businesses; and generate millions of dollars a year in property taxes for Brevard County, Titusville and the Brevard Public Schools.

An affiliated company of Florida East Coast Industries called Tico Development Partners LLC plans to build the plant at the south end of Titusville, on a site southeast of Space Coast Regional Airport and north of an Orlando Utilities Commission power plant.

It hopes to receive a conditional-use permit from the Titusville City Council this month to build the plant; start construction soon after that; and be in operation in mid-2016.

The plant would draw conventional natural gas from existing pipelines. The gas then would be purified and liquefied by cooling it to minus 260 degrees Fahrenheit. According to a permit application submitted to the city of Titusville, the facility would operate around the clock, and could produce up to 1 million gallons of LNG a day.

The liquefied gas would be temporarily stored in a 5 million-gallon storage tank at the Titusville site, then loaded onto special 10,000-gallon insulated shipping containers to be transported by truck or rail.

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