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Frac Sand Shortage Temporarily Waylaid by Plunging Crude Oil Prices

By On January 12, 2015 3:45 pm

By: Rick Stouffer, Senior Energy Editor, Shale Energy Business Briefing

If there’s anything positive to come from the off-the-table-drop in crude oil prices (other than showing OPEC you don’t mess with Texas, Oklahoma, or North Dakota, etc.) it has been the accompanying slowdown in the use of frac sand.

Less drilling due to low crude prices means less use and need for the product which serves as a proppant, used to “prop open” crevices made in shale rock to free trapped natural gas and oil. Had it not been for the industry slowdown tied to what’s become $50 crude, today’s topic may not be “when will crude prices rebound?” but rather “when will frac sand supply catch demand?”

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