PGT Trucking Unveils Five New CNG Trucks

By On January 12, 2015 3:31 pm

By: Kristie Kubovic, Director of Communications, Shale Media Group
Edited By: Mindy Gattner, Editor, Shale Media Group
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On January 6th, one of the largest flatbed carriers in the country, PGT Trucking Inc., unveiled five new compressed natural gas (CNG) trucks, which are the first for the trucking company. CNG is cleaner than petroleum-based fuel and helps reduce emissions from greenhouse gases. Plus, CNG is safe, quiet, powerful, efficient, and offers America energy security.

Additionally, CNG is affordable and provides price stability, consistently sitting around $2.00/GGE (gas gallon equivalent), while its counterparts, gasoline and diesel, often vary dramatically and are very dependent upon international affairs, particularly in the Middle East. The price of CNG looks to remain stable due to this nation’s abundant shale oil and gas reserves found throughout the country’s various shale formations, such as the Marcellus and Utica Shale plays. This domestic abundance has also helped CNG gather more attention and popularity in recent years.


Headquartered in Monaca, PA, PGT Trucking is a multi-service transportation firm offering flatbed, dedicated, international, and specialized services. PGT operates in excess of 1,000 power units and over 1,500 trailers. The company primarily runs routes from New York to Texas and operates around 30 terminal hubs.

The five new CNG trucks will be stationed and utilized at PGT’s Baltimore terminal where they will run local routes, which means traveling within 100 air miles of the hub and returning to base each night. PGT will be utilizing Clean Energy and Waste Management CNG refueling stations in the Baltimore area. “We started pursuing this a year ago and put it into play six months ago,” explained Micah Yarger, Marketing Coordinator, PGT Trucking Inc.


“We looked at converting to CNG three years ago; however, the time wasn’t right then. Now—the time is right. It is right for our company, the economy, and the country. This equipment will have top priority, and we have the best guys for the job,” expressed Gregg Troian, President, PGT Trucking Inc., who then presented the trucks to the drivers. PGT Trucking’s first CNG drivers include: Tremaine Abner, Anthony Cain, Terence Dixon, Scott Gordon, and Anthony Henderson.

Though the CNG trucks are very similar to diesel trucks in terms of operation and driving, each driver underwent training to operate and fuel the truck safely and was provided with safety materials and guides. All drivers expressed excitement for driving the new CNG trucks and being one of the first five CNG drivers in the company. Dixon said he will now haul wallboard instead of pipe with the new CNG truck, while Gordon mentioned the CNG truck allows him the opportunity to be home every night, which he is looking forward to.


Noting PGT’s valuable commitment to CNG, Pat Gallagher, CEO, PGT Trucking Inc., credited FYDA Energy Solutions for their help with the experience. Offering complete sales, parts, and service for alternative fuel vehicles, FYDA Energy Solutions walked PGT through the process. “FYDA designed and installed the CNG fuel storage system,” relayed Bob Bodkin, Director of Operations, FYDA Energy Solutions. PGT hauls a variety of products with a wide range of weight, but averages about 40,000 to 52,000 pounds per load. “PGT needed a larger liter class engine (400 horsepower, 12 liter) for what they’re using, which wasn’t available until more recently,” added Bobkin, who also added that CNG trucks do cost more upfront, but tend to offer a better return on investment due to lower on average fuel prices and lower maintenance costs.

Tim Fyda, President, FYDA Freightliner, expressed, “Companies, like PGT Trucking, making the conversion to CNG give the United States a national security advantage. This is an important initiative for us at FYDA.”

Yarger explained, “The switch to CNG provides a huge potential for a cleaner environment and lower transportation costs. This purchase and investment of CNG dedicated engines is a tangible representation of PGT’s commitment to safety, environmental protection, innovation, and efficiency. With the nature of our business, we have hopes to invest into more units as fueling stations continue to be built and the success of this fleet proves itself. We run local routes in several cities across the country that could eventually become CNG fleets. We are very excited about this opportunity, and eager to see the results of this initial investment.”

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