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Shepherd Technologies: Guiding and Guarding Clients

By On April 23, 2015 2:51 pm

By: Kristie Kubovic, Director of Communications, Shale Media Group
Edited By: Mindy Gattner, Editor, Shale Media Group

Just as a German Shepherd guides and guards its master, Shepherd Technologies does the same with the clients they work with. Shepherd Technologies provides Information Technology (IT) and Cloud services for their clients from start to finish. In other words, Shepherd is a thorough technology resource that assists their clients with keeping their important documents and information safe.

shep1Charles Cross, President and Founder, Shepherd Technologies Corporation, explained, “Shepherd Technologies utilizes the latest generation of IT technologies, coupled with industry leading engineering personnel. This enables Shepherd to provide enterprise-level IT computing to small and medium sized businesses at below traditional IT prices.”

Headquartered in Sewickley, PA, the company has been supplying quality technology solutions since 1986. Originally Shepherd specialized in computer research and development (R&D) and manufacturing. Since then, Shepherd has leveraged the company’s years of R&D experience and transformed into an IT and Cloud Management Service Company at the forefront of technology.

In terms of Shepherd’s managed IT and Cloud services, Cross relayed, “Shepherd Technologies provides end-to-end, fully managed and monitored computer infrastructure services along with industry leading IT support, procurement, and project services. We’re focused on providing practical solutions that leverage the best of traditional IT technologies and cloud computing. Shepherd’s Managed Services provide you with scalable, predictable, and cost-effective IT environments to optimize your business potential.”

Some of the managed IT services that the company offers includes: PC, Server, and Network Security; PC, Server, and Network Monitoring (24/7); Computer Management (including tablets and mobile devices); Desktop Support/Help Desk (remote and local support); Employee/User Security Training; Backup/Data Recovery/Disaster Recovery; and Licensing/Procurement.

shep2As for Cloud hosting, Shepherd offers enterprise class IT services, which are performed at reduced costs. According to Techopedia, enterprise class refers to “applications that are designed to be robust and scalable across a large organization. … Enterprise class applications are generally: open and compatible with existing databases and tools, customizable for the needs of specific departments, powerful enough to scale up along with the needs of the business using it, and secure from outside threats and data leaks.”

Cross says, “Cloud hosting eliminates the burden of large capital expenditures on hardware and data centers, clears funds for essential business expenses, offers predictable and cost-effective monthly costs, grants a pay as the company grows option (as opposed to an upfront over-purchase), effectuates a quicker return on investment (ROI), bolsters deductible cost (as opposed to depreciable costs), and generates green utilization, which means up to 90% less power usage.”

In addition, Cross pointed out, “Hosting boosts a company’s resources by decreasing labor costs, allowing staff to focus on core business needs, granting access to a network of advanced technology experts, providing an immediate source for pressing issues, and permitting access to advanced technology—all without having to hire additional employees.”

Shepherd Tech typically works with small- and medium-sized business and corporations and has experience with industries ranging from finance and manufacturing to the to the shale oil and gas industry. “Additionally Shepherd can accommodate companies requiring specialty compliances, such as SOC, PCI-DSS, HIPPA, HITECH, FISMA, and ISO,” added Cross.

All-in-all Shepherd Technologies can guide and guard clients with IT and Cloud technologies. The company is located at 1854 Glen Mitchell Road, Sewickley, PA 15143, but can readily establish additional offices around the Tri-State region. For more information on Shepherd, email or call 412.741.0440.

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