U.S. Gain and Ruan Build on Partnership with New GAIN® Clean Fuel CNG Station

By On May 8, 2015 1:48 pm

(Appleton, WI) GAIN® Clean Fuel, a brand of U.S. Gain, and Ruan Transportation Management Systems are growing their partnership with the addition of a new GAIN® Clean Fuel compressed Natural Gas (CNG) station in Fergus Falls, Minn. The station will be located at 1205 Frontier Drive in Fergus Falls, MN and will meet Ruan’s expanding CNG needs.

“Ruan has been a great partner and we’re happy to be expanding our relationship,” said U.S. Gain General Manager Bill Renz. “They recognize the environmental benefits and cost savings of using CNG and use it to improve their service and be more competitive.”

As an industry leader in contract carriage, logistics, warehouse management, and bulk transportation, Ruan operates more than 270 locations nationwide. The carrier serves a wide variety of customers including retailers, dairy, grocery, manufacturing, metals, and waste disposal and recycling companies. Ruan is a member of the Environmental Protection Agency’s Smartway Transport partnership, which works to increase efficiency and reduce greenhouse gases in the freight carrier industry.

“This is a good next step forward for our company,” said Ruan’s Vice President of Operations Bob Hogstad. “CNG use in the dedicated carriage industry is growing, and this not only gives us a competitive advantage by offering an additional fueling choice, it helps us meet our sustainability goals. We believe it’s more than just good business, it’s a commitment to making our trucking operations part of the equation when it comes to the stewardship of the environment.”

This is the 2nd GAIN® Clean Fuel station the two have partnered to build. The other GAIN station is located in Des Moines, IA.

Similar to all GAIN® Clean Fuel stations, the new Fergus Falls location will feature easy-access, fast-fill capabilities. It will also accept fleet cards for truck convenience and have proven reliability to ensure that fleets have a consistent fuel source. All GAIN® Clean Fuel CNG locations are open for use by other fleets and the general public. A complete list of GAIN® Clean Fuel stations can be found at



U.S. Gain background

U.S. Gain, a division of U.S. Venture, is a leading Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) provider offering fleet operators access to GAIN Clean Fuel, an environmentally friendly and cost-effective alternative to traditional fuel options. GAIN Clean Fuel stations are strategically located for carriers along major shipping corridors and provide easy-access, fast-fill capabilities. U.S. Gain is on track to open 100 new fueling stations across the United States within the next two years. For more information, please visit:

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