EFUS CNG Grand Opening

By On May 14, 2015 3:35 pm

By: Kristie Kubovic, Director of Communications, Shale Media Group
Edited By: Mindy Gattner, Editor, Shale Media Group
Photos By: Shale Media Group

On Thursday, May 28th, Energy From US (EFUS) will celebrate the grand opening of their compressed natural gas (CNG) refueling station in Bentleyville, PA. This is only the second CNG refueling station in Washington County, PA and eighth across southwestern Pennsylvania. The station will have a prime location right off of I-70 halfway between Washington, PA and New Stanton, PA and along Route 917 in Bentleyville.

CNG is domestically abundant, clean, safe, quiet, powerful, efficient, and economical for the United States. In addition, CNG is affordable, costing less than its gasoline and diesel counterparts, and offers price stability, consistently sitting around $2.00/GGE (gas gallon equivalent), while its counterparts, gasoline and diesel, often vary dramatically and are very dependent upon international affairs, particularly in the Middle East. The price of CNG looks to remain stable due to this nation’s abundant shale oil and gas reserves found throughout the country’s various shale formations. Perhaps more importantly, CNG offers America energy security and less of a dependence on foreign oil.

The concept for the station’s name, Energy From US, is a two-fold play on the word, “US.” One being that the station is utilizing United States’ (U.S.) energy; and two being that the CNG and propane provided are from “us,” the American people.

Kamlesh Gosai, President, Energy From US L.P., expressed, “On behalf of everyone involved with Energy From US, we are proud to invest in the community and our future to do our part to help this nation move one step closer to American energy security. The source for CNG and propane comes from areas like the Marcellus and Utica Shale plays, a region right under the feet of millions of Americans. The growth of the shale oil and gas industry in the US, along with its domestic abundance, is important for national security. The downstream sector of the shale oil and gas industry and getting natural gas to the consumers to utilize for transportation is vital, and we’re happy to do our part.”

The grand opening will take place in conjuncture with Shale Media Group’s Elite Energy Event from 5-8 pm, which will be held in front of the Bentleyville Holiday Inn Express. The ribbon cutting will be held at 6 pm at the CNG station site. Attendees can either walk the short distance or utilize alternative fuel transportation that will be provided. The event will showcase a lineup of speakers including: Bob Beatty, President, “O” Ring CNG Fuel Systems; Ron Schramm, President, ProGas, Inc.; Dave Dudo, Senior Vice President of Operations, Beemac Trucking; Rick Price, Executive Director, Pittsburgh Region Clean Cities; and Matt Smith, Applications Sr. Engineer, USA Compression on behalf of the Northern West Virginia Section of the Society of Petroleum Engineers.

The CNG fueling station, along with a propane fueling station, which is still in the planning stage, will form Energy From US. The project, which began about a year and a half ago, is a partnership between doctors Anant Gandhi, Kamlesh Gosai, and Shashi Kumar; businessmen Nainesh Desai and Dilip Desai; and builder Bob Beatty of “O” Ring CNG Fuel Systems.


(Picture from EFUS Groundbreaking—from left to right: Barry Stout, former Pennsylvania 46th District Senator; Rick Price, Executive Director of Pittsburgh Region Clean Cities; Ron Schramm, President of ProGas, Inc.; Tejas Gosai, President of Shale Media Group; Anant Gandhi, Physician; Bob Beatty, President of “O” Ring CNG Fuel Systems; Dilip Desai, Physician; Shashi Kumar, Physician; former Senator Tim Solobay, Pennsylvania 46th District Senator; and Gerry Thomas of Peoples Natural Gas)


“O” Ring CNG Fuel Systems, L.P. is a full-service global CNG fuel solutions company based in Western Pennsylvania. Beatty relayed, “Our goal is to promote the use of CNG as a clean, abundant, and economical North American energy source in order to boost the economy, reduce foreign oil purchases, enhance national energy security, create more jobs for US workers, and reduce harmful emission into the environment.” “O” Ring currently owns and operates four CNG stations and has built over a dozen others for clients. Its station projects are vertically integrated throughout all aspects of design, implementation, and building, ending with a sustainable energy product for the future.

In February, Energy From US and “O” Ring CNG teamed up with U.S. Gain (GAIN® Clean Fuel) to co-brand the CNG station and incorporate it into U.S. Gain’s nationwide infrastructure network of CNG stations. U.S. Gain is a leading CNG provider, offering fleet operators access to an environmentally friendly and cost-effective alternative to traditional fuel options. “GAIN® Clean Fuel stations are strategically located for carriers along major shipping corridors and provide easy-access, fast-fill capabilities. U.S. Gain is on track to open 100 new fueling stations across the US within the next two years,” explained Julie Brinker, Business Development Manager – Mid Atlantic, GAIN® Clean Fuel.

In addition to the ribbon cutting and speakers, the event will also include an ice sculpture from Rich Bubin of Ice Creations, food provided by Catering America,  a photo booth, and an open bar. Rice Energy will also have their CNG powered fire truck on display at the event, along with the Rice Energy ice cream truck, also known as the Rice Cream Truck. Kimberly Price, Community Relations Director, Rice Energy, expressed, “The opening of CNG stations across our region represent another chapter in the success story of the Marcellus Shale. We at Rice Energy are very excited to see our local business leaders taking the initiative to bring a cleaner, more affordable alternative to gasoline and diesel to the residents of Washington County.”

Additionally at the recent Ohio Valley Regional Oil & Gas Expo in St. Clairsville, Ohio, Daniel Rice IV, CEO, Rice Energy, shared that Rice Energy has several CNG powered vehicles in their fleet. He also pointed out that two-thirds of the gas produced in this region is moved to the Gulf and noted, “I would like to see more opportunities to utilize that gas here. CNG-powered vehicles offer a great option for that to occur.”

Bentleyville has turned itself into a hub for the shale oil and gas industry, as it is already the home of Shale Energy Institute, a truck driving school with a shale oil and gas focus, and the Alta Vista Business Park, which hosts companies such as Gardner Denver Nash, Scientific Drilling International, and Weatherford Drilling. Additionally, Mustang Oilfield Services, a water hauler that supports companies that drill shale gas wells in PA, OH, and WV, is opening a yard in Bentleyville. Although only a couple years old, Mustang has grown rapidly, increasing their fleet of trucks to 25 and their workforce to around 60 employees. Greg Cook, CEO, Mustang Oilfield Services, relayed, “Mustang has been looking into converting some of our fleet to CNG. The EFUS CNG refueling station in Bentleyville will help facilitate our switch to CNG.”

The Energy From US CNG refueling station is located at 190 Wilson Road, Bentleyville, PA. It will be open to the public 24/7 after the grand opening and will be credit card payment only. The station in Bentleyville is the flagship for a series of stations planned by EFUS along Interstates 70 and 79 in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Ohio. For more on EFUS, click here.

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